Chye Aik’s insights and coaching style have been very helpful in bringing our organisation to the next level.  We have benefitted greatly from the sessions with him that have refined our mission, vision and corporate values. The entire exercise has brought about greater clarity to our team and has put us in a position where we can maximise our influence.  On a personal level, he is skilful at listening, identifying root issues and asking questions to help us see things in greater focus. His gentle style, coupled with his expertise in organisational leadership, makes him a great consultant and coach.

Quek Shi Wei
Executive Director, Magazines & Publications

 Chye Aik is a person who has impacted me the most in my life.  Through his coaching, I have learnt many things, such as putting others before self, honouring people, dealing with difficult situations in my workplace, leading up, across and down, influencing others positively.  As a director in a law firm and a litigator, my 1-1 interaction with Chye Aik have put me in  a position for exponential personal growth and to add value to my organization, colleagues and clients.

Lee Ee Yang
Director, Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Chye Aik has been an invaluable contributor in the incorporation and people management of VentureSkies LLP. His insights into organizational leadership, passion for people and action-based approach in tackling issues has scored him highly with the people and leadership of VentureSkies LLP. Chye Aik has contributed immensely in the setting up of the goals and vision of the firm, and through his consultancy, has been a catalyst for change in the morale and attitudes of my employees. Personally, he has been a mentor and advisor to the management and leadership of my firm. I highly recommend the engagement of his services which I am confident will bring a huge change to your company, your employees and your business.

Sherron Wong
Managing Director, VentureSkies LLP

With Chye Aik as my executive coach, I have changed my leadership approach. I am now able to see myself more objectively. In the past, I was unable to identify areas that warranted improvement. As a result, it became a major stumbling block in my leadership growth and development. Chye Aik quickly uncovered my root problem and provided the tools I needed to understand how others perceived me. With my new skill-sets, I can adjust my actions and modify my behaviours for positive results. These lessons have served me well as I continue to lead my team.

Bee Lian
Head of Sales Operations

I am really grateful for the authentic coaching sessions to build trust and results. It has opened my mind to different perspectives of how the younger generation thinks and behaves, how as a mother, building relationships with understanding by listening and asking questions is key to winning the hearts of rebellious teens. I found myself more composed in very tense circumstances and my relationship with my youngest girl has certainly made progress!

Clare Wong
Gold Achiever, Young Living Essential Oils

At one of the lowest and darkest points in our lives, I met Chye Aik and he journeyed with me through coaching until I am emotionally restored. He also guided me through the difficult process of relational reconciliation and gave me tools to overcome relational differences.  If it was not for his care and patience and time, I would not be who I am today.  I am indebted to him and nothing can express our gratitude for the impact he has made in my life and relationships.

Research Engineer, NUS

I would like to give my formal gesture of accolade to compliment Chye Aik for the enriching experience during my coaching sessions with him to develop “The Art of Leadership”. I admire his will and value every advice and insight he has given me about coping with my personal growth, family and work commitment.

Senior Manager, Logistics

 I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Chye Aik for the coaching sessions that you have provided for me.  Through the sessions, I am more conscientious about my abilities, strengths and weaknesses.  Your listening ear provides me an avenue to express my deepest concerns and my state-of-mind.  You are able to coach and guide me to self-actualisation on the current situations that I am facing and how to move on to better outcome.  Your guidance provides me a clear direction on how I should approach the challenges I am facing.  On top of that, you helped me critically to have a clearer state-of-mind.  You empathize with my situation I was in and I gain confidence through the coaching you given me.

Charles Oh
Sales Director, Engineering