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What are we about?

We revolutionise your organizational culture by building a high-trust departmental work climate, an effective team engagement style, a new leadership mindset thus exponentially growing your business outcomes.

We transform your business results by building 3 things:

  1. A high-trust and high-performing departmental work climate
  2. An effective team engagement style
  3. A new leadership mindset
  1. A High-Trust and High-Performing Work Culture

People do business with others that they like, know and trust. Relationships drive business and business fuels relationships—at the core of which is trust. Within the organization, there is a critical need to create stronger collaboration by breaking down boundaries and across the value chains. According to reputable executive research, it shows that TRUST is the highest need and yet least emphasized in organizational capability. A climate of TRUST is an important organization “asset” and “performance accelerator” that when trust actions and behaviors are cultivated and valued, the speed of result is attained which produces high bonus for the individuals, leaders, teams and organizations.

Our Trust Formula = 5Rs/S

  1. An Effective Team Engagement Approach

When organizations and leaders faced with complex challenges, the collective team activity and engagement approach can either limit or advance the goals of the business objectives. The limiting style will create the downward spiral result and eventually sabotage the overall teams. The generative style will break down barriers and create interdependence leading toward penetrative results. The favourable team culture which is a reflective of her engagement style must embody the elements of mutual inquiry, reflective learning and a capacity to multiply growth effect.

Here are few of the traits required for effective team culture:

  • Listening empathically
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Taking strong ownership
  • Treating people with honour
  • Relating with openness
  • Building innovation at work
  1. A New Leadership Mindset

We live in turbulent time where change is no longer an option but a must. Often, organizations enforce change purely through technical approaches such as restructuring, reinventing and re-engineering. Although these efforts are commendable in nature, the change may not necessarily create the favourable eco-system for sustainable future. Often, they arouse great amount of fears, uncertainties and stresses. The key competitive edge of any successful organization above all else is still the leadership qualities and strengths that exude right at the top of the hierarchy. From the top, it will then flow down to the ground the right DNA which provides the ripple effect to the rest of the teams and departments. What organizations need today is to grow a new kind of leadership mindset, belief system and values to reframe dilemmas, reinterpret options, and revolutionise operations.